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I'll make that happen and you still make all the decisions. For most people, it's like nothing they've ever experienced before. Here's how (click to read more):

  • Your the Boss, Boss.
  • You'll know I answer only to "you". You're the boss, not someone's inventory. I find cars for people not people for cars. I negotiate with the dealers, so you don't have to. During our first meeting, I'll ask questions to narrow your focus if you haven't already done so, no matter what vehicle type or use you have in mind. With a massive contact list since 1995, I am your advisor when you are ready to buy or lease a car. We're on the same team.

  • Buy your car for less.
  • You'll realize huge purchasing power. My company buys 12,000 cars per year with little or no overhead. This translates into lower prices with very little time on your part. I save most clients $500 to $1000 or more on a car purchase by going wherever the prices are best including out of state.

  • Easy Does It.
  • Your pace is my pace. If you have time, two to three months, I can order your new car. Ordered cars have no extra equipment to pay for. If you need it quicker or want a used car, I'll find a close match to your needs from dealer or auction inventories to save money. Remember that rushing into any important decision is rarely good and requires due diligence. GOOD PRICES and FAST CAR PURCHASE DECISIONS are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE 90% of the time.

  • Time Saver.
  • You save significant time. I'll comb through everyone's inventory. I'm excellent at finding quality vehicles. If you're flexible enough, I can even purchase a low mileage used vehicle for you at wholesale auctions in Colorado and around the country.

  • Want to Lease?
  • Your Credit Bureau is only pulled once and only if you're leasing or financing. No more multiple hits lowering your credit score. If you have company vehicles and wish to lease, your best choice is often a Centennial In-House Lease, which will not affect your personal credit bureau score, even if you're the "Personal Guarantor".

  • High trade-in for your car.
  • Your Trade-in value is higher because I'll shop it on the wholesale market and bring you back multiple independent bids. This seldom takes more than a day. Have you ever heard someone ask you how much you want for your trade? If so, run!! Your trade is really worth what someone in the auto business will pay without selling you a new car. Your trade-in value is truly independent of any new car transaction. My bids are good whether you buy a car from me or not.

  • Up Front Lowest Price.
  • You'll get my lowest price and best lease / financing up front, once I've found the right vehicle. We don't waste each others time haggling over price. If you want a still lower price, I simply find you another car. You pay no "Dealer Handling Fees". Nothing is hidden or extra. There are no surprises. On new vehicles you actually see the Invoice. In most cases, you and your family can test drive a vehicle overnight to be sure it fits your needs.

  • Continuing Service.
  • What's more, you'll get continuing service "after the sale or lease" at no extra charge on all your vehicles.

    • If you wish, you can purchase the best aftermarket extended warranty in the business available through CNA insurance at low cost. This can be coupled with an excellent independent 200 point inspection (not with a repair facility) for $125 on most used vehicles. These two things provide you the equivalent of a certified vehicle without normally high "Certified Vehicle" prices.
    • I deliver your Colorado License Plates within the Denver / Boulder metroplex. This service is free to you. There is no cost above the actual DMV licensing & registration fees. These fees approximate 2% of MSRP on a new vehicle. You no longer have to wait in long DMV lines.
    • I provide quality referrals to vehicle accessory and service professionals, once you're a client. You'll have access to my best resources and your cost is the same as my cost would be - not retail. a. Bike & Ski Racks b. Body and Paint Work c. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
    • Decals & Vehicle Lettering - Mobile
    • Detailing
    • Four Wheel Lifts & Upfitting
    • Maintenance & Repairs (after Warranty expires)
    • Navigation System, DVD, Backup Camera and Audio/Phone Installs
    • Plastic Bumper Repair & Painting (less expensive than a body shop)
    • Sunroof & Leather / Heated Seat Installers
    • Tinting & Clear Bras
    • Tires
    • Toppers, Bedliners, & Truck Accessories
    • Tow Hitches
    • Transport (nationwide)
    • Upholstery Repair (Cloth & Leather)
    • Vehicle Inspections (Pre-Purchase) - Mobile
    • Windshields (Repair & Replacement) - Mobile

Most Importantly-I provide quality help when it's time to sell, trade, or terminate your lease. A month or more prior to the end of any lease, I use several strategies to either minimize your lease termination expenses or even put dollars in your pocket in some cases.

My goal is to provide you, your family, and your good friends with the, very best car buying and leasing experience you've ever had. Is this a service you'd be interested in if you paid the same or less than you did in the past?