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Springtime brings fresh beginnings!

Throughout history, springtime has been synonymous for transitions, rebirths, and new beginnings. A new beginning this month starts with Centennial Leasing & Sales' new partnership with Napa Service Centers. As most of you know I do not only offer you the easiest and most worry free way of buying or leasing a vehicle but I also, can help you with any service you may need for your vehicle. So, call me for all your vehicle needs or to find a Napa Service Center by you.


Congratulations to Peter Thomas, the winner of last months Trivia question. Peter knew the answer was a Ford Gran Torino and received a $100 gas card. Check out this month's trivia question and see if you're the next winner.

Good Luck!

                                                                                 - Kurt and Joan Schlaefer
Spring is in the Air!
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After your vehicle has faced brutal winter weather, it will need some proper maintenance to be ready for warm spring weather. Here are some important steps to take before heading out on the road. 

Start with the exterior of the car. Wash your car to remove all traces of salt from the bodywork, which will cause damage and corrosion if not properly removed.                        
Inspect windows and wiper blades. Clear windows of de-icer and grime. Ensure that windshield wiper blades are not worn and replace them if needed. Clean washer jets to remove dirt and/or unblock them.                                                          
Check tire pressure.
Tires expand when hot so check them first thing in the morning. Using a digital tire pressure gauge is best for an accurate reading. All tires should be properly inflated, including the spare, to increase gas mileage, lengthen tire life and decrease the likelihood of a blowout.

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Wet Weather Driving Tips

Wet Weather
According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, nearly one million vehicle accidents a year occur in wet weather. Many of these rainy-day incidents are caused by drivers failing to understand the difference between driving in wet and dry conditions. Below are some wet weather driving tips to keep you safe.

Slow down. As your speed decreases, the tire footprint (the amount of the tire's tread contacting the road surface) increases, providing better traction. You also reduce the risk of hydroplaning should you run into deeper water puddles on the road.
Maintain a safe distance. Even with a good wet weather tire, be prepared for longer stopping distances on wet pavement. Since other cars may not have proper tires for wet weather driving, be extra alert at stop signs and red lights.
Choose tires carefully. Too many drivers buy a tire based on initial price or appearance. For optimum performance in the rain, select a tire with tread design and rubber compounds that provide enhanced wet weather driving capabilities.

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Featured Car of the Month - 2005 Infiniti G35x

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The G35 sedan corners better than most front-drive sedans like the Acura TL and it boasts more horsepower than the rear-wheel-drive BMW 330i, Lexus IS 300, and Mercedes-Benz C320. It's also practical, offering more interior space than other cars in the near-luxury class. All G35s are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the same engine used in the Nissan 350Z. In both the coupe and sedan, it's rated at 280 horsepower with the automatic or 298 horsepower with the manual.

-New Car Test Drive.com

Featured Premium Car of the Month: 
2004 Porsche Cayenne

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Cayenne will be truly appreciated by a relative handful of SUV buyers with exacting demands. We'll call them connoisseurs. Standard features include luxury-class requisites such as leather seating with 12-way power adjustment, automatic climate control with dual front-passenger settings, heated retractable exterior mirrors, multi-function trip computer and a 350-watt, 14-speaker Bose stereo with CD.
-New Car Test Drive.com
Featured Lease of the Month - 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
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$300.00 a month plus tax W.A.C.

- $19,500 selling price

- 12,000 miles per year

- $1000 cap cost reduction
- 39-month lease

Safety features that come standard on all models include dual front airbags, front seat side-impact airbags (for torso protection), side curtain airbags (for head protection) and active front head restraints. Active safety features include antilock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, and a tire-pressure monitoring system. Completely redesigned, the new 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe is attractive. It blends into the suburbs nicely, shedding the quirky looks of last year's model. It's larger than before and now offers third-row seating, for up to seven passengers. The five-passenger arrangement offers much more cargo space, however. The new Santa Fe is smooth and quiet and handles well on winding, paved roads. Yet it retains Hyundai's value quotient.  -New Car Test Drive.com

In Closing,
Our commitment and pledge is to treat you with the respect you deserve, offer you the resources you need to make an informed choice and do everything possible to save you time and money in the acquisition of your vehicles. Our philosophy of maintaining a consultant-based relationship with our clients makes every transaction easy, satisfying and worry-free. Please feel free to contact either one of us anytime to discuss your automotive needs.

Kurt Schlaefer
Kurt and Joan Schlaefer
Centennial Leasing and Sales
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Kurt and Joan Schlaefer
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Kurt graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1970 and married Joan under the sabers the very next day. 


"We've owned several businesses and worked together since then to raise a family.  We've enjoyed helping clients and their referrals find new and used quality vehicles to lease or own since 1990.  We find "CARS FOR PEOPLE" not people for cars".


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